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Leading Fiberglass Cloth Manufacturer

20+ Years’ Experience of Manufacturing and Exporting
Self owned factory, 10,000 square meters of production workshop,Support OEM/ODM, design and produce according to customer requirements,ISO 9001,CE, TUV, SGS, REACH, ROHS certificate ,Xingao can supply A4 or one meter free sample to you for testing.

Looking For Fiberglass Cloth In China?

Whatever your industry or fiberglass cloth products requirements, we can help.
Xingao is a leading revolutionary innovation fiberglass cloth factory in China, we are a pioneer in the development of ultra-thin fiberglass cloth. We are using the most advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment, offering our clients fiberglass cloth that meet their requirements.
Electronic Grade Fiberglass Cloth

Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

“Never forget those clients who helped you grow in your development”.
Our factory helps our clients increase market share, create more margin and more innovative technology and services.

Fiberglass Cloth Application

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Xingao Fiberglass Cloth’s Comprehensive Capabilities

We Work With You From The Beginning From Product Developing to Manufacturing.
Established in 2000, Changzhou Xingao Insulation Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional Chinese fiberglasss cloth factories with 20+ years of production and export experience.

Our factory covers an area of 30000 square meters,our main products include fiberglass cloth 7628,fiberglass cloth 2116,fiberglass cloth 7637,fiberglass cloth 1080 ,fiberglass cloth 792,fiberglass cloth 771 and other fiberglass cloth.

Fiberglass Cloth Manufacturing In Xingao

Self-owned Factory
10,000 m² of production workshop; 200+ imported air jet looms; Daily output 100,000 m fiberglass cloth; Our automated equipment increases productivity , significantly reduces labor costs, shortens lead time and gives our clients more competitive price.
Our R&D Dept. is always committed to new and better fiberglass cloth technology research and development, we are working with equipment factory, raw material factory and other efforts to create a more competitive fiberglass cloth.
Quality Control
All our factory's products are 100% quality control.Each roll of fiberglass cloth is tested after production and before shipment.All the workers are skilled workers with 10+ years Textile production experience.
OEM/ODM Service
Department of technology design and produce according to customer requirements.
Xingao can supply you support when you need special requirement.
Mass Production Capability
Factory And Warehouse: 30,000+m²
Daily Output: 100,000m+
Years Of Experience: 20+
Skillful Workers: 200+
After-sale Service
Service Throughout The Entire Lifespan Of Your Product,Our After-Sales Department will help you if you have any questions or problems.

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05 05, 2022
Fiberglass cloth industry needs: expand boundaries and continue to grow

Fiberglass cloth continues to expand the downstream application field, mainly due to excellent performance and economy: Meet the demands of light density fiberglass cloth density is lower than the general metal, the smaller the density of the material, per unit volume than the quality of the tensile

04 20, 2016
Welcome to my site!

Welcome to my site!

04 20, 2016
Welcome to my site!

Welcome to my site!

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Over the years, with our rich experience, good reputation and considerate service, the quality of our products has been deeply satisfied by users.
Xingao is a leading revolutionary innovation fiberglass cloth factory, we are a pioneer in the development of ultra-thin fiberglass cloth.


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