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Pioneer in Fiberglass Cloth 2116 Developing & Manufacturing In China
Quality First is our business philosophy, Our factory is one of the earliest factories to start fiberglass cloth 2116’s development and production.
Xingao has innovative technology and process inspectors at every stage of production, making sure each roll of fiberglass cloth 2116 is 100% tested.
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Pioneer in Fiberglass Cloth 2116 Developing & Manufacturing In China
We never reduce the material quality level to get a lower price. we can give our clients competitive prices which are based on our technological improvement and production efficiency.
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Pioneer in Fiberglass Cloth 2116 Developing & Manufacturing In China
We can finish it in 2 weeks for urgent orders which Q'ty is no more than 10 containers.
Quick feedback within 6 hours; Skilled sales and operation.
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Leading 2116 Fiberglass Cloth 3.12oz Manufacturer In China

Xingao fiberglass cloth, professional electronic grade 2116 fiberglass cloth 3.12oz manufacturer and supplier in China. As a fiberglass cloth factory, Xingao focuses on innovation and new design development, we are top 5 fiberglass cloth manufacturer in China.Xingao covers an area of 30000 square meters,Xingao has more than 200 advanced air jet looms, including Toyota looms imported from Japan,The average daily output of the Xingao is 100,000 meters of fiberglass cloth, and the annual output can reach 35,000,000 meters of fiberglass cloth .

2116 Fiberglass cloth is mainly made of electronic grade fiberglass yarn ,woven with plain weave. The weight of 2116 fiberglass cloth is 105 grams,The width of 2116 fiberglass cloth is 1000mm or 1270mm.the average roll length of 2116 fiberglass cloth is 2300 meters.Its main performance, characteristics: good electrical insulation performance, fire retardant, waterproof, aging resistance, weather resistance, high strength, high modulus and so on. Widely used in epoxy copper clad plate, PTFE coated fiberglass cloth,PET high temperature tape , sports equipment, pre-impregnated cloth backing, silicone electrical insulation products, printed circuit board, fire board, insulation board, aviation, military industry and so on.2116 Fiberglasss cloth also has other names in different countries and areas, such as 2116 Fiberglass fabric, 2116 Glass fabric, 2116 Glass fibre fabric,2116 Glass fibre cloth.Xingao has passed ISO9001,SGS,ROHS,REACH,TUV Certifications.

Xingao is always focusing on innovative fiberglass cloth research, we have 2116 fiberglass cloth, 7637 fiberglass cloth,1080 fiberglass cloth,771 fiberglass cloth,792 fiberglass cloth.3732 fiberglass cloth.Our factory adheres to the people-oriented, quality first management and business philosophy, has won the unanimous recognition of customers.

Benefits From Your Committed 2116 Fiberglass Cloth Manufacturer

Benefits From Your Committed 7628 Fiberglass Cloth Manufacturer
  • Purchase 2116 Fiberglass Cloth Price
    Xingao automated equipment increases productivity and significantly reduces labor costs, our factory gives this margin to our clients, we have more competitive price.
  • Fast Production Turn-around
    Automatic production lines increase production speed and efficiency.
    Stock up for long-term customers, 3 containers of goods will be finished in 3 weeks.
  • Quality Control and Adequate Capacity
    All our factory's products are 100% quality control.
    Each roll of fiberglass cloth is tested after production and before shipment.
    All the workers are skilled workers with 10+ years of Textile production experience.
    10+ Warp production line; 200+ air-jet looms
    Department of technology design and produce according to customer requirements.
    Xingao can supply you support when you need special requirement.
  • Free 2116 Fiberglass Cloth Samples Support
    Xingao Fiberglass cloth offers you free samples for quality testing;
    Xingao Fiberglass cloth offers you samples free of charge for your marketing development when you place an order to us.
  • Worry-free After-sale Services
    Our sales team is professional at marketing, just-in-time delivery, documents operation, warehousing, and shipment.

What is 2116 Fiberglass Cloth?

Electric grade fiberglass cloth is a fiberglass PCB material typically 2116 fiberglass cloth is made by high quality electric grade E glass fiber yarn then posted finished with resin compatible sizing,, which has many excellent characteristics, such as good electrical insulation, fire retardant, waterproof, aging resistance, weather resistance, high strength, high modulus and so on.

  Advantages Of 2116 Fiberglass Cloth

  Specifications of 2116 Fiberglass Cloth



TYPE: 2116














Weight per unit area



No of threads warp



No of threads weft


Yarn type ---- E-glass
Weave type ---- plain weave
Loss on Ignition





Silane finish

  Application of 2116 Fiberglass Cloth

Customize Your 2116 Fiberglass Cloth From a Chinese Manufacturer

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What Weight You Need

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What Width You Need

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Your Special Other Requirement

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  Revolutionary Innovation Products

Xingao is leading revolutionary innovation products’ development including fiberglass cloth 7628, fiberglass cloth 2116, fiberglass cloth 7637, fiberglass cloth 1080, fiberglass cloth 792, fiberglass cloth 771 and other fiberglass cloth.

  Customized Designs

Xingao has its own professional R&D department. We can supply you support when you need special designs and performance.

  Customized Sizes

Except for regular size options, Xingao also can supply customized sizes/thickness/packages according to your inquiry.

  Customized Textures

Xingao has different woven fabrics structure including plain, twill, satin. Just show us your request.

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Over the years, with our rich experience, good reputation and considerate service, the quality of our products has been deeply satisfied by users.
Xingao is a leading revolutionary innovation fiberglass cloth factory, we are a pioneer in the development of ultra-thin fiberglass cloth.
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