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Application of fiberglass cloth in flexible laminating and insulating materials

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1. What are flexible laminated and insulating materials

Flexible laminated and insulating materials are made by bonding plastic films to fibrous materials such as pressed paper, pressed cardboard, nonwoven, fiberglass, or other plastics using a laminating process. Among them, the technology of lamination process and adhesive system is the key.

2. Advantages of flexible lamination and insulation materials

By combining different materials, flexible lamination and insulation provide electrical and mechanical protection while maintaining good ruggedness and the fit of the package. In addition to conventional laminates, a variety of customized special technical laminates can be used to provide better heat dissipation performance. For example, the use of flexible laminating and insulating materials can improve the performance of the motor, thus improving the overall efficiency, mainly due to the excellent dielectric strength and minimum thickness of the material.

The product has the following beneficial features:

(1) Optimize the material thickness and improve the dielectric strength

(2) Enhanced folding and stamping capabilities

(3) Application of anti-oxidation and anti-hydrolysis technology

(4) Strengthen processing protection to prevent damage

3. Application of fiberglass cloth in flexible lamination and insulation materials

As an indispensable substrate for composite materials, glass fiber cloth has been used in flexible lamination and insulation materials for many years: electronic cloth 7628 for insulation laminate, light and low gram weight glass fiber cloth can be used to make mica tape, ultra-clear glass fiber cloth for photovoltaic modules to make ETFE+ composite materials, these are relatively mature applications. Changzhou Xingao has been increasing research and development in the field of ultra-thin glass fiber cloth, focusing on the development of a number of light and thin glass fiber cloth, we have been praised in the electric motor battery photovoltaic industry. The company has passed ISO9001 quality certification, IATF16949 certification. The company's products have also passed SGS, ROSH and REACH certification, can be widely used in electrical insulation and packaging materials.


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