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Successful Case

Case 1  Fiberglass cloth for FRP tubes

In 2018, an American customer needs fiberglass cloth samples, each fiberglass cloth roll of 50 meters. Due to the large fiberglass cloth sample orders, according to the regulations of the company need to collect freight, stuck in the fiberglass cloth sample freight charge for a long time.After discuss with leaders for many times, we finally decided to send fiberglass cloth samples free of charge to customers, the first fiberglass cloth sample without success, the second time,customers still need many fiberglass cloth samples for testing.With the mentality of one last time, the second sample still send free of charge.Finally, sample is successful,he has become one of our biggest customers so far.Sometimes it takes chance and guts to succeed.

Case 2  Fiberglass cloth for mica tape

In 2021,I developed a client in Pakistan by accident,I’m in the development of the fiberglass cloth by Google,inadvertently see the customer's Facebook.So I try to contact him in public social media account, so I added his bold whatsapp,I didn't expect customers to reply to my development letter, I feel very honored to this. And then we had a nice conversation, and the customer purchased our fiberglass cloth in quantity every year.

Case 3  Fiberglass cloth for surfboard

In April 2022, an Italian customer need our 200gsm fiberglass cloth, all communication is very happy, waiting for the customer to pay the freight, during the outbreak of COVID-19 in Changzhou.Because we worry that our express cannot be sent out after the customer has gone through their own payment process,so we sent out the fiberglass cloth samples for free before the start of the outbreak, the customer is satisfied with our quality and felt our sincerity to send fiberglass cloth samples for free, at last they conducted the first transaction with us.

Case 4  Fiberglass cloth for PCB board

In March 2022, this is an old customers in the France, before the small batch purchase our electronic fiberglass cloth 7628, the amount has been fixed is not big, but very pleased with our quality ,but there is a turning point of electronic fiberglass cloth this year,our boss with me and French guests telephone conference for many times, negotiating price and terms of payment. Of course, through our unremitting efforts, we finally signed the contract and won millions of fiberglass cloth orders.

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Over the years, with our rich experience, good reputation and considerate service, the quality of our products has been deeply satisfied by users.
Xingao is a leading revolutionary innovation fiberglass cloth factory, we are a pioneer in the development of ultra-thin fiberglass cloth.
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