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What are the leading enterprises of glass fiber cloth?

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At present, our country electronic grade glass fiber cloth leading enterprises mainly include: Southern glass A, China Jushi, Jin 'an Guoji, Pioneer new material, Changzhou Xingao, Shandong glass fiber, Honghe science and technology.


1. Southern Glass A

China Southern Glass Group Co., LTD., formerly known as China Southern Glass Co., LTD., is a Sino-foreign joint venture established in Shenzhen in September 1984, jointly invested by Hong Kong China Merchants Shipping Co., LTD., Shenzhen Building Materials Industry Group Co., LTD., China North Industries Shenzhen Co., LTD., and Guangdong International Trust and Investment Co., LTD.

2. Chinese megaliths

China Great Stone Co., LTD., the core enterprise of fiberglass business of China Building Materials Co., LTD., is mainly engaged in the production and sales of fiberglass and products. It is one of the large-scale listed companies in China's new material industry that entered the capital market early.

3. Jin 'an Guoji Technology Co., Ltd.

Jin 'an Guoji Technology Co., Ltd. is a main board listed company. The Company is a high-tech enterprise that produces and sells the basic materials of the electronics industry - CCL and related products, and is ranked among the top three domestic enterprises in the CCL industry in China, enjoying a high reputation in the industry.

4. Pioneer new material

Ningbo PIONEER NEW MATERIAL Co., LTD., FOUNDED ON March 7, 2003, IS A HIGH-TECH ENTERPRISE engaged in the RESEARCH and development, production and sales of polymer composite shading fabrics and other shading products.


5. Changzhou Xingao Insulation Materials CO., Ltd.

Changzhou Xingao Insulation Materials CO., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales in one of the glass fiber cloth manufacturers. Founded in 2000, the company mainly produces electronic grade fiberglass cloth, mica belt fiberglass cloth and industrial grade fiberglass cloth. Widely used in power, petrochemical, railway, construction, aviation, automobile and other industries, exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia more than 20 countries.

6. Macrohe Technology

Honghe Electronic Materials Technology Co., LTD., formerly known as Shanghai Honghe Electronic Materials Co., LTD., was established on August 13, 1998. The company is located at No.123 Xiuyan Road, Kangqiao Industrial Zone, Pudong, Shanghai, with a land area of 90,000 square meters. On August 8, 2016, Shanghai Honghe Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. was changed into a joint stock limited company after the founding meeting of Honghe Electronic Materials Technology Co., LTD.

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