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Industrial fiberglass cloth

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1. What is industrial grade fiberglass cloth?

Industrial grade fiberglass cloth is made of high strength E glass fiberglass yarn, It is divided into plain weave, twill weave or stain weave.

2.Is fiberglass cloth waterproof?

Fiberglass cloth is waterproof once coated with resin and cured.  Before resin was applied, fiberglass fabrics themselves were not waterproof, whereas fiberglass fabrics themselves were impermeable, with small gaps between the fabrics that water could penetrate.  

3.Is fiberglass cloth durable?

Fiberglass cloth is a strong and durable woven textile used primarily in industrial, non-apparel applications. Its unique set of valuable properties makes it an ideal material for many industrial uses, such as for the interior of circuit boards and conveyor belts.

4.What are advantages of fiberglass?

Fiberglass cloth is durable and can be colored, shiny or matte. It has low maintenance, magnetic resistance, fire resistance, good electrical insulation and weather resistance. The downside is that the gel needs to be recoated every five years, which can lead to fibres in the air, which can be a problem for asthma sufferers.

5.What is main application of fiberglass cloth?

  • Insulating Materials:Mica tape,Fiberglass tape

  • Electrical industry: FRP sheets,FRP tubes, printed circuit boards and electronic equipment shell.

  • Building materials: Column beam, fence, wave color tile, decorative plate, kitchen.

  • Machinery industry: aircraft structure, fan blades, firearms parts, artificial bones.

  • Sports goods: Surfboard,fishing rod, golf club , Tennis racket, bow and arrow, pole, bowling, swimming pool, snowboard.

6.How do you keep fiberglass clothes from fraying?

If you want to prevent fiberglass cloth wear while cutting, simply lightly spray some 3M-77 adhesive along the cutting line, let it set for a few minutes, and then cut. The ends will not wear and the adhesive will stick to balsa gently (to a minimum, if any).

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